"The job was completed quickly, and thoroughly. I even changed some of my plans for the steps in the middle of the job, and was completely accommodated without question. The entire site was cleaned up, and they even filled in and reseeded a section of my lawn where some of the bobcat traffic was. Overall I would consider myself extremely satisfied, and will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for this type of work."

- Gerald Massa

"There was nothing that I disliked about them, and that is why I have kept calling them back all the time. They have done beautiful work. They have good artists doing the stone work. Overall, everything was done very nicely."

- Michael Heller

"It was sensational. Everything they do and how they approach it was great. They're on the up and up and honest. They deliver what they say they're going to do. They're amazing and everything's great. It couldn't be better. They were very informative. They have a phenomenal reputation."

- David Brown

"Sagona Landscaping is a team of professional, skilled, courteous individuals. This team is punctual and responsive to the clients needs and willing to go the extra mile. Sagona Landscaping once again has exceeded my expectations for their professionalism, responsiveness and quality of work."

- Maria Civille